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i have 3 innotab games for my kids. the battery covers broke within 3 months.

The website wouldn't allow me to order new ones...its ***. The Service over the phone is as bad as the product. They tried to walk me through the order instead of doing it only to find that the website still wouldn't let me finish the order. After calling a third time someone finally just took the order.

Instead of battery covers I got stylus'. So now Ive called at least 4 times. Still don't have what I wanted.

Also, I think they should have been free. Nothing that costs almost $100 should break in 3 months time.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Yes - my lads have broken two covers and lost a stylus. I paid £7 in total for a stylus and 2 battery covers and they arrived in the post two days later.

My first post - sad I can't winge to agree. Admittedly the games are over priced and so, so limited.

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