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Do NOT buy a phone from Vtech! 1. I bought a phone per their phone finder system and it misled me into buying a product I could not use.

2. I have tried to get through to a live person for an RMA number on their 1-800 number, and it is almost impossible to navigate- I got hung up every time I called, because their was no option for returns.

3. When somehow I got lucky enough to talk to someone, she refused to believe the phone finder selected the model I purchased, and I gave her the website link to see for herself that the phonefinder stated that my model stated it had a headset jack--when I received it, there was no headset jack.

I explained I am handicapped and need a headset-still the Indian woman refused to give me an RMA NUMBER; AND PUT ME THROUGH TO TECH SUPPORT WHERE I WAS HUNG UP ON IN TRANSIT-THEN UNABLE TO GET BACK INTO TALK TO SOMEONE.

I finally gave up and disputed the charge via my credit card.

VTECH is horrible!

Their call center and website is setup to handle technical issues, and does not allow you to email or opt for a live person to talk to.

In short--shop elsewhere!

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How do you know she was Indian? Maybe she was Pakistani. Maybe she needs to kick your racist handicapped a$$.

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